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OUR STORY by "Chad Livingston"

Limitless unbridled talent and potential is what drew Chad Livingston to Joee Irwin: an undiscovered creator and real person. It would take the better part of five years before a trust would be formed between the two. In that time they realized their yin and yang spirits: one a showman, the other a craftsmith. Chad offered himself as the face of a collaboration so Joee could focus on building the collection piece by piece. Despite the mutually beneficial separate-but-equal roles, a caveat was Chad naming the thing after his nana’s cherished summer home: Joee felt the name too ambiguous and negotiations repeatedly broke down over the issue. It wasn’t until Irwin felt pressure from the COVID pandemic that the tide turned in Livingston’s favor and in late 2020, The Untitled Estate was established.


Some of our guests have found their stay so meaningful they have requested we bequeath them items from our collection. This is how a guest becomes an estate beneficiary.

For more on these items visit our

Relinquished Property Dept.


Chad Livingston

Chief Financier /  Estate Executor / Host / Alias

This jet-setting dreamboat has been called the coxswain of dreams since before he could climb a mast. He’d been looking at getting involved in something real when Joee Irwin crashed a soirée at his pied-à-terre. Aside from many of the estate’s legal decisions, Chad finds the time to present much of the collection to our guests - he is after all, a most experienced host.


Joee Irwin

Trustee / Foreman /  Real Person

A lot can be said about our own rapscallion, Joee Irwin, but he’d often prefer to stay "behind the scenes”. He didn’t even want to write his own bio so I, Chad, have taken on the task: Irwin is a whiney little bitch who doesn’t care that people want a little backstory because he's selfish and vulgar. And if he sincerey does have a problem with this bio he can stop texting me and rewrite it himself using his own login to the website!

Sandy Schmeckle

Accountability Manager / Alias

Uncle Sandy has been called “a pisher: the likes of which the world has never known". Before coming to us, he created a reputation for himself at Catskills Resorts where he performed standup each season. Schmeckle has shared bills with the most legendary Borscht Belter’s to ever take the stage - a fact which may surprise anyone who’s actually seen his act. These days The Schmeck dabbles in real estate but whether he’s showing houses, telling jokes, or crashing castings, Sandy makes sure The Untitled Estate stays accountable.



Our Pal Friday / Alias

When his fitness and face-touching saloon closed at the start of COVID, Speed he was brought on to help with the everyday. Nothing would really be possible here in this parts if Speed wasn’t at the bottom of the hill, holding back the river.