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Video Platforms - the biggest link?

There's so many choices for platforms.

Which one has the biggest link? An exploration into what matters.


TikTok Instagram YouTube

Vimeo had a reputation as a home for filmmaker's quality work and we hope to one day have quality work of our own. Vimeo doesn't seem to be all hung up on the algorithm because it's impossible to get internal traffic on there. Though this may because they've switched focus from media to tech. Vimeo has a puny five letter name which makes for a very short link. Leading us to question why we are paying for it and if we will continue doing so.

This days everybody's influenced by Instagram. it has a link decent sized link but to get traction from the ig algorithm one spend more time engaging the platform than they do creating content which is psycho. If Instagram was your friend's partner, you'd tell your friend to dump it (even though it's fucking you too)

We haven't gone deep into TikTok but we love the arobase in the url. We've heard the algorithm is known to awaken old content back from the dead which is appealing but content currently limited to 60 seconds so perhaps TikTok's necromancy skills have yet to attained full power. Some of our beneficiaries have been pushing for us to join but as they enjoy what we do, we question if they are "easily entertained".

Now we come to the biggest link: YouTube. Just look at it up there: almost twice the size of the other links. You wouldn't think such a size-focused platform would be case-sensitive, but that URL above sure is. It makes no sense it's just a bunch of random stuff much like YouTube itself. Also the algorithm prefers longer content (+10 min) so it's no surprise that:


note: Instagram prefers photos which makes sense because photography requires the least amount of skill (unlike platform link comparison) so photographers can spend more time liking and commenting on other low-skill photos duh. real artists dont look at photos, they just ask others to tell them how important they are.